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I help you naturally support your family’s health so you LEARN and THRIVE together.

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Reclaim your family's health naturally!

Are you:

Feeling sleep deprived
Having trouble losing weight
Experiencing digestive issues
Worried about your family’s health

Is Your CHILD:

Having difficulty paying attention
Struggling in school
Anxious or depressed
Diagnosed with a learning disability:

ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia or Autistic-like behavior

Are You Caring for a PARENT Who is Struggling with:

Memory Loss
Mobility Issues
Proper Nutrition

You cannot LEARN, HEAL or THRIVE if your brain is not working properly.

Together, let's nourish you and your family.

Your Three Steps to Vibrant Health

Let's uncover what is blocking you from optimal health and solve it naturally.

My Services

For Your Child
For Your Child

For Yourself
For Yourself

For Your Aging Parent
For Your Aging Parent

Don’t Just Take My Word For It.

I reached out to Jane almost three years ago to work with our son Matthew. He was in Kindergarten, struggling with reading, and as a mother and father who weren't big into reading, we found trying to help him ourselves was just a trainwreck! Since then, Jane is not just a reading teacher, she is now a member of our family! She has helped transform our son from a struggling frustrated reader to an advanced reading lover!! Her technique isn't just to teach the child, it is also to educate the parents! Jane taught us so much about why our son was struggling, and how we can change what we do to help him grow and overcome his reading obstacle. She has been there for our family through thick and thin and was a huge help while I struggled through health issues with my twin pregnancy. We cannot wait to have Jane start working with our twin daughters as they start approaching school age! I recommend her and her methods to anyone! If you have tried it all and are just ready to give up, reach out to Jane! Her alternative methods are exactly what is needed and give hope when it is a struggle to find it.

A teacher, A nurse, and a new member of the family!

I released 15# after doing the Shape program for about a month. I’m very happy with the results!


I just love MOOD Balance. It naturally helps keep me stable with NO side effects!


Jane Tilly, RN

A unique holistic approach combining medicine and education.

I have been passionately studying essential oils, various types of reflexology, cranial sacral therapy, and biofeedback since October of 2010. I began this journey as a way to seek improvement in my own health and wellness. As a teacher, I quickly discovered that these same modalities that we healing me, were also essential in helping my students. We were able to work together successfully to support their brain health. We saw students who were struggling improve their learning in Reading, Writing and Math! I became passionate about sharing my diverse experience in both medicine and education. I was a Case Manager for the state of Ohio and took care of my mother in law in my home for 10 years. I love being with my grandboys…all 6 of them! Today, I help mothers balancing themselves, their children and their aging families by providing a holistic approach, tailored to meet the needs of each individual.


Jane Tilly, RN